Westhold, previously known as Baalfort, is the residence of the King of the Anthros and the first men, his family and his court, located within Ironhold, the capital of the three kingdoms. It dominates the skyline of the city, and serves as the city's primary fortress and redoubt.

Located in the southwestern corner of Ironhold, Westhold overlooks the Western Sea. It is currently the seat of King Illumi Fenlen.

The Holdfast


The Holdfast is a stout tower in the center of Westhold. It serves as a redoubt when the city is attacked. The royal apartments, castle dining hall and most other residential parts of Westhold are also located in the Holdfast.


The Sword Tower


The Sword Tower houses the castle chambers of the Kingsguard. By definition, the Kingsguard are meant to protect the king and as such, residence is provided for select members of the valiant order who constantly guard Westhold and its residents.

A long corridor flanked by two rows of white knights leads to The Sword Tower on the eastern side of the castle, facing the city. The Sword Tower also serves as a secondary meeting space for the sworn brotherhood.

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