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Umbra Myriel, Leather Bag, also known as Avalanche is an Alfen of Umbra.


Myriel was strong-willed as a child and has an uncontrollable temper and an unchecked sadistic streak. He has little sense of right or wrong, which often leads him to trouble, especially when he loses his temper and when things go wrong, he always blames the problems on others. Despite being wilful, he is arrogant, cruel and prone to irrational and bad judgement calls.


Myriel grew up orphaned in Ironhold, with no knowledge of his progenitors and even less of himself. Weak and gullible, the child was trafficked across the continent until he came to serve the sorcerers of the underbelly as a steward. When his Magic Sensitivity manifested itself, Myriel was taken in by the Brood and given name and rank.

Despite this, he is shown little respect or regard and often feels people ignore him, do not value his significance or treat him like a disturbance and liability. He has very few friends due to his nature and track-record which make it unwise to fraternize with the Alfen mage.

The Brood's mages see Myriel as reckless and careless and often only entrust him with menial tasks or none at all. The Dark mage is desperate to prove his worth to everyone and even moreso to make them eat their words as they take their last breaths...but this only makes him more of a loose cannon.



Equipment and Weaponry

Umbra Myriel is known to wield an Alfen dagger and sword with which he is sufficiently skilled. He also possesses a characteristic cloak, a suit of armor and a well-made leather bag with which he is always seen, leading to his nickname and somewhat derisive title with in the underworld.