Vanaheim's Town Square serves as the kingdom's center and its beating heart. Festivities, bazaars, ceremonies, trial and ritual combat are but a few of the vivacious activities that take place here round the year.

The festivals are an opportunity for merchants, traders and swindlers alike to make a little more than their regular upkeep and for men, women and children to dance, eat and drink for nights on end.

The center of the kingdom is a quadrangle that begins at the Statue of Ferro Skaarsgaard and runs round a large area that can easily hold almost everyone in Vanaheim, even on its rowdiest days.


Due to the harsh blizzard climate, Vanaheim's Square also has a great building on its north-facing side that serves as the meeting Hall and place of festivity, ceremony and combat when the weather outside does not permit the use of the open-air space.


The Town Hall is fitted with banquet tables, torches and hearths that all serve to make it as comfortable as possible so that it fulfills its purpose.

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