Summerwind's Summer Market is one of the busiest in Edenfell. Being very close to the Harbor, the market receives goods from all over the continent and is the primary destination for anyone within the kingdom seeking relics, weapons, elixir and any other services.

The Market is patrolled by the Kingsguard and Royal Guard to ensure smooth running of activities and maintain law and order in such a large trading location.


The Jesterfaced sword merchants are smugglers of fine blades, scimitars and longswords alike, that peddle weapons across the continent but they start from here, slithering around the market thieving from the kingdom's greatest blacksmiths and selling illicit goods in the dark alleys. Once spotted, they scurry off into the shadows. Do not get caught buying from them, patronise a blacksmith instead.


People, especially foreigners, often get robbed and pick-pocketed in the Summer Market and when they tell the tales of their misfortunes, the indigenous folk simply guffaw and say, "Welcome to the Summer Market, friend".

Draco Pyreman and Ignis Alanon can both be found here.

The Summer Gate


The Summer Gate is Summerwind's central Terminal, located at the center of the large market as is common in Edenfell. The Summer Gate is the oldest Terminal on the continent.

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