Through the narrow path and past Alfen Rest, lies Edenfell's largest forest; the haunting Southern Forest, a woodland of hills and highlands, dark caves and prowling beasts. It's "entrance" is marked by two earthen statues known as the Travelers' Guides.


A little distance from the Guides, the only vibrant part of this great wood and the most colorful stretch of trees in the land begins, all around and within the Blue Lake. Here, the most beautiful of Edenfell's creatures, birds and runners alike, can be found. The forest is beautiful because it cannot be tamed and where man has no power, nature takes its often spectacular course.


River Set, a large, misty but calm body of water, runs through the forest and into the Great Sea through Pilgrim's Gulf. Marked along the banks of the ghoulish river, is an enormous sculpted representation of the Alfen god in full glory and cloak, wielding a sword with which he stills the waters.


The haunted river begins at a spring so powerful, it became a waterfall; a wild, powerful burst of purity that becomes a slow running, pacific stream. Formidable tranquility, Thunderfell; symbolic to the Alfen, and so they carved from the rock a remembrance of this.


"Kissed by fire, forged from fury, prudence in passion, wisdom despite power - that, is what Alfen are and Thunderfell means!"

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