The Curator's Keep is located far east of Alfenheim, across a great marsh that separates the kingdom from the southern dragonswood and is an enormous structure comprised of a collection of giant trees, all connected by bridges and undergrounds, within which the gigantic library lies; running up the stalks, round the branches and down the roots of these towering giants.

Wardens of language, knowledge and history, the Alfen were the first to put ink to paper and have never stopped ever since. The Curator's Keep is the oldest and largest library in Edenfell with a collection second only to the Citadel.

Everything from life to settlement, agriculture and the origins of magic are preserved within the ancient pages of the scrolls and books shelved here.


There are certain levels of the Keep that have restricted access; the Bookmasters' Sanctuaries.


The Sanctuaries are less organised than the rest of the library and are simply heaps, towers and stacks of the oldest known written works in Edenfell.


Few have seen them and few believe they even exist but the Bookmasters' Sanctuaries contain knowledge that defines the world in which we all live!

Illumi Taa can be found here.

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