The Citadel, also known as the Center for the Preservation of History & Medicine, is among the great structures of Ironhold. Within its walls, only accessible by a long bridge, can be found the capital's library and the only medical institution in all of Edenfell.

The Citadel was built by King Oculus Marco, first of his name, King of the Anthros and the first men.

The Library


The largest collection of written materials; books, manuscripts, scrolls and transcripts, can all be found within this gigantic castle said to be twice as big as Westhold itself. Not everyone in Edenfell can read - most lowborns are rarely educated - but those who can, truly know the value of and appreciate the wonder that is Ironhold's library.

Ferro Ymir can be found here.

The Faculty of Medicine


From healing magic to surgeries and autopsies, the Faculty has it all. It is home to 500 druids who continue to learn and educate the younger generations, ceaselessly improving the medical knowledge of the Anthros of Edenfell.

Treatment at the Faculty costs from 1000 Gold for small gashes and bruises to 100, 000+ for fatal wounds.

The Faculty can be creepy; unsettling screaming of patients in pain, disfigured individuals quarantined for diseases and organ storages make the place quite grim but it remains the best chance of saving anyone's life when they are at the point of near death. The Chief Druid at the faculty is a thick-bearded north man by name, Samedi Onim, said to be the best healer in the land.

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