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This character is deceased. May Urv guide them into the afterlife.

Samedi Neron, The Lonely King, also known as Duke Neron is a Mer of Samedi.They are Disciple rank.


A playful Mer, nobility comes second to Neron's love of life, living each life to its fullest. It's difficult to make him settle unless he's committed enough.


Neron was one who greatly enjoyed socialising with Mer and anyone else he comes across in his ocean travels. A grand navigator for the Nords for most of his life, he was stationed in Vanaheim to teach his allies how to steer through Titane's oceans. For every lesson about the ocean depths, he was told a story. Eventually, he returned home to Viridi when he was called to take over his father after his retirement. Whilst struggling to fit in with a more rigid position, he found himself looking for distractions in every turn... which is where he found himself growing smitten over the Queen, Nimiane.

His nature urged him to pursue it, spending close to a year trying to woo the Queen. When she eventually fell in love with him, she chose to wed him and it was the happiest day of his life, second to the wedding itself - and third to the birth of Naida.

However, Nimiane's death soon shattered the man's heart and any love he still held for life.

He let himself mourn for three days, before immediately throwing himself back into his work. Naida had disappeared, leaving the crown to him. It was miserable. Every day, he was forced to remember the days he had spent beside his lover's side; coy whispers in boring court meetings, gentle brushes of the hand and chaste kisses whenever they were free from their duties.

As old age weakened Neron, sly and greedy subjects of his court all set their eyes on the crown. He knew what they were doing, but he had never been a strong water wielder and knew he could be overpowered in a mere moment. And so, the Lonely King died truly alone.

Viridi had lost another monarch all too soon. But not to fear; Naida soon returned.


His home and possessions as a Duke.

Equipment and Weaponry

A golden trident and a shortsword which was passed down for generations.


Navigation, wit and charm.

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