Samedi Emilia, High Queen of Alfenheim is an Alfen of Samedi.They are Apprentice rank.


She is what Fëanor acts to be. She is kind, merciful and caring. She may be timid and shy most of the times, but she never fails to take a stand where she can, especially when it comes to her brother.

She knows he doesn't need her protection, but she's usually the first to step between him and the dangerous antics he always pulls off.


Rightful Queen of Alfenheim, and so, whatever he husband owns, she does.

Equipment and Weaponry

She doesn't like conflict, and she's not as good a physical fighter as her elder sister or brother, but she carries an Elven dagger with her, and trains every day.

Platinum Engagement Ring with a pure blue diamond in the middle, a human custom, but one Fëanor insisted on.



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