Samedi Elanor, Queen of Alfenheim is an Alfen of Samedi.They are Apprentice rank.


Out of the whole family, the deceased brothers included, she's perhaps the least elf-like. Whether it's Fëanor, who acts like the polar opposite of what is hated about the elves, or Emilia, who is the polar opposite, Elanor doesn't care about races, nor politics, nor a life in luxury. She wants to go out and get her hands dirty, go magicking, trekking, or even just helping out the people around town.

She's a skilled fighter, utilizing her Elven Sword to great extent. She is perhaps the best swordfighter in the Elven royalty, but her sorcery isn't quite up to par, usually only a supplement to her other skills.

She cares about her subjects, whether they're Elves or even Orcs. She's happy to put her brother in his place whenever they spar, and would gladly rough him up if he were to make a foolish decision, whether she could, or couldn't... now that's a different story.


She comes third in the royal hierarchy, considering she was the one to marry Fëanor after her young sister did. This also gives her pretty much the same amount of resources as her sister, Emilia.

Equipment and Weaponry


Elven Sword Longsword, and the Platinum Blue Diamond Engagement ring that marks her the wife of Fëanor, the Warden of the South.


Swordfighting, CQC

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