Edenfell Wiki

Alfen: The Immaculate

Elegant, brilliant and éclat; choose to be one of the Alfen, Edenfell's oldest race and understandably the proudest.

Gaians: The Reds

Resourceful, strong and driven; become a Red and let the power of will drive you as you define the limits of this world.

Mer: The Triton

Prudent, stubborn and true; join the Triton and demonstrate determination in the face of adversity as you overcome all obstacles in your way.

Nords: The War-Born

Powerful, brutish and wise; born of war, fire and thunder, there is no better race in Edenfell with whom you may fulfil your hidden potential and climb to the top.

Orcs: The Blood-Born

Crafty, honourable and noble; if your word is your bond and your wit is sharper than a sword's edge then the blood-born Orcs will welcome you as one of their own.

Centaurs: The Equine

Learned, astute and keen of sight; with the Centaurs, you will find that all power comes from within, you will fight to the death for what is yours and bend a knee to no man you distrust.

Fey: The Sprites

Clever, swift and divine; Sprites are dedicated, masterful and passionate to the point of obsession. They do not compromise or surrender. Do you have what it takes?