Molag's Bank is a towering, fortified castle north of Ironhold that serves as the chief financial institution on the continent.

It was named after Sangui Molag, the first tradesman to realise that if he and his colleagues pooled their resources, they could loan money to their less fortunate fellows and build a better Summerwind. For a profit, of course. This eventually gave rise to the first non-Alfish financial institution in Edenfell and subsequently, the bank of Ironhold.


"If you are an aspiring merchant, you come to us to buy ships and goods. If you are an aspiring shopkeeper, you come to us to buy your shop. Whatever you need in this world, we are the conduit. Even a throne can be yours if you are an aspiring king, or stay yours if you are a sitting one. Just ask the monarchs and they might tell you."


"We are not the only bank in this world. But when those other small banks need gold, they come to Molag's Bank. We lend to princes, kings, merchants and tradesmen. If a prince or king cannot pay us back, well... the world lacks for loyal men, not ambitious ones. We simply fund the rise of new princes and kings, and they tend to honor our investment. If a merchant refuses to repay us, well... the vicissitudes of trade are well known, and Edenfell is full of men who... are... not. One way or another, Molag's Bank will have its due!"

- anonymous banker

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