Wine & Sundry


Where the organized Meet ends, the shady Black Market begins, completely indistinguishable from the rest of the market. Every underhanded and criminal individual that's ever been to the Merchant's Meet knows however, that what they seek starts at the doors of the kingdom's great alehouse; Wine & Sundry.

Just like Ironhold's Komodo, the establishment serves as an inn, tavern and brothel - at the same cost and in the same manner but in contrast, Wine & Sundry cannot grant sanctuary from the law, making things a little...interesting.

Sangui Salasi; the peddler


Sangui Salasi is notorious all around the continent as the main, and possibly only, dealer of Edenfell's sole recreational drug Bop. The Centaurian substance comes in pellet form and can be ingested with food, drink or whatever one pleases.

Bop's psychedelic effects are powerful and lasting, with one pellet capable of disorienting even the toughest of men for dozens of minutes and most times, subsequently knocking them out. This has done nothing to reduce its popularity or consumption, in fact, one could argue it is the very reason people go out in search of Bop in the first place.

Seek out Salasi at the end of Merchant's Meet and he'll help you to a handful (5) for as little as a single Silver.

Alfen Gate


Alfen Gate is an illicit Terminal hidden in a large hedge of vines, grass and shrubs that surrounds Merchant's Meet's end and serves as the gateway for any and all outlaws on the continent to travel to and from Alfenheim with ease.

But, be wise and discreet! We don't want the Kingsguard finding this here, do we?

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