In Alfenheim's Merchant Meet, there is next to nothing you cannot find. Hailed as the first well-developed in Edenfell, the Meet has served customers of the land for millennia, catering to all needs from food and clothing to the Jesterfaced men's swords, relics, spells and even cheap casks of the great kingdom's wine for the common men to indulge at will - for a price of course.

Oculus Miraeya can be found here.

Illumi Eros; the dragon-man


Dragons are elemental beasts, tamed by the Alfen to fight alongside them. Most Alfen pay the iron price for their winged companions, going into the dragonswood to confront and subdue them, others simply exhibit immense wealth by paying the golden price; buying dragons' eggs.

In all of Edenfell, only one man deals in dragons' eggs: Illumi Eros, the Elvish merchant of the Meet. His stall stands out from most due to the colorful nature of the eggs that line racks and shelves behind the dealer and the numerous guards that patrol the aisles owing to the expensive nature of dragons' eggs.

A single egg costs 200, 000 Gold and hatches in a month, reaching full size within 3 months of hatching. Well then, traveler, would you rather pay the iron price or the gold?

White Gate


White Gate is Alfenheim's central Terminal, located at the center of the large market as is common in Edenfell. White Gate is the second oldest Terminal on the continent.

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