Mandalay, the Grand High Priest of Krig is not of any tribe.They are Apprentice rank.


Mandalay is drab and dull company, as is expected of an old man in the service of a vicious god, but when engaged in meaningful conversation, Mandalay's wisdom is often astonishing and magnificent hence, great men from all around the north - even the monarchs - come to the grand high priest for counsel.


Very little is known about the old priest. Mandalay has served as the grand high priest for more than two centuries and though many fear his time is at an end, he continues to be the only one that caters to the old religion of the Nords and maintains the Temple and its glory.


Like of priests of the faith of the five gods, Mandalay has no personal property or belongings except that which aids in the service of his god and the promulgation and sustenance of his religion.

Equipment and Weaponry



Mandalay is an excellent speaker, counsellor and friend. He also skilfully ministers to brethren of the faith and ensures that the Temple is in good shape at all times.

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