Housing 50, 000 armed men, the Kingsguard Keep is a colossal structure at the heart of Ironhold's suburbs that houses the city's watch and serves as the main headquarters for Edenfell's sworn brothers of the Kingsguard.

The castle is circular, enclosing a court in its center, with massive statues of towering knights overlooking it. Within the Keep, there can be found the largest armory in Edenfell, criminal bounties and the incarceration dungeons.

The Dungeons

The dungeons of the Keep are divided in four levels:

  • On the upper level are cells with high narrow windows where common criminals are confined together.
  • The second level has smaller, personal cells without windows for highborn captives and valuable hostages.
  • The Black Cells are the third level. Prisoners accused of treason and other high crimes are kept within the Black Cells. Cells are completely dark, with no possible light sources (except when jailers enter with torches).
  • The fourth level is spoken of only in rumors. Once a man is taken here, he never sees the light of day again and is subjected to the most painful torments.

Kingsguard Keep, according to rumors, is full of miles of secret passages running behind the walls and below the floors. It is said that the builders of the Keep were executed after the castle was completed to keep the secret of the passageways.

Sir Wilhym the Tall can be found here.

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