"Every child's dream is to come here, to the capital. To see the knights and their painted armor, and Ironhold when the sun has set. A million candles burning in a starry city."

Ironhold is the capital, and largest city, of the three kingdoms. Located on the far west of Edenfell, Ironhold is the site of the Imperial Throne and the Imperial castle; Westhold, the seat of the King of the Anthros and the first men.

It enjoys a warm climate and life there is luxurious for those that can afford it, although it is not without its slums such as Witsend. The city is overpopulated and dangerous at times, despite being strictly policed by the Kingsguard.

Flag of Ironhold.

Ironhold was founded by King Ignis Baal - first of his name, King of the Anthros and the first men.

Despite its opulence and status as the capital, Ironhold is often referred to in a derisive manner by outsiders, making constant mention of the stench of human waste; the crowded population and sea breeze means such smells are particularly pungent.

The Imperial King of the three kingdoms is the one who triumphs in annual ritual combat against 7 contenders, each a champion of the 7 Anthro races.

Ironhold is the largest city in Edenfell, with a population of a million people.


Molag's Bank

The Citadel


The Throne Room

The Great Temple

King's Crypt

Crystal Crest

Kingsguard Keep

The Suburbs

City Center

The Arena


Capital Market

Imperial Harbor

Academia of Arcane Arts

City Walls

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