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Ignis Kalion, N/A, also known as The White Wolf is a Gaian of Ignis.


Being part of the tribe of Ignis he was raised to value his family and comrades above all else. He tries to be a good person but in a world full of magic and powerful people it’s hard to always remain morally straight. Kalion is the type to lay down his life for people he barely knows as long as he believes that they are morally ethical.


Igris Kalion was born as part of the famous Igris tribe. However due to difficulties during his birth his mother ended up passing away. His father however still loved him with all his heart. After a fairly simple and happy six years, Kalion’s father decided that it was time for his son to begin to train for the battles that life will throw at him. He was taught to use spears, swords, daggers and even bows before reaching the age of 15. Along with that he was forced into an extremely tough training regiment to strengthen his body and mind. He had to hike up cliffs, mountains and other rough terrain with stacks of wood and / or rocks strapped on his back. He also sometimes had to sleep out in the wild to strengthen his survival instincts. Of course there are other harsh “training” routines he had to follow but that’s not really important. What’s important is that it worked just how his father intended.

By the time Kalion matured  he had become an excellent martial warrior in almost all aspects except the fact that he lacked any actual battle experience. Of course before he could go off to seek any he had to also train his magical prowess. However, doing that seemed to be yet another challenge. It took Kalion two years to reach the rank of disciple before his magic progress halted. At that time his father informed him that it was about time he headed out into the world so he could learn more about how to reach new heights of power from both friends and foes.


Equipment and Weaponry

Spear Of Magister - This spear has the ability  to surround the user with a shield when it's impeded into the ground. It can take up to 3 small spell hits or 1 medium spell hit, it can be used 4 times a day before needing time to recharge. (1 turn cooldown)

Ylon - This dagger is considered a family heirloom. It’s not really anything special other than having the power to make the blade grow so it can be used as a sword. It’s mostly used as a concealed weapon.


  • Spear Mastery
  • Sword Mastery
  • Bow Intermediate
  • Dagger Mastery
  • Hand-To-Hand Advanced Level
  • Wilderness Survival
  • Shitty Cooking