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Ignis Baal, the First of His Name, Knight of the Imperial Throne, Sorcerer of the Imperial Order, King of the Anthros, Lord of the Three Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm, also known as Baal the Conqueror, Baal the Fury is a Gaian of Ignis. He was the first ruler of the three kingdoms and king on the Imperial Throne, having unified the kingdoms after the Great War. The Imperial Knight and Sorcerer was the founder of the capital city of Ironhold, seat of The Crown.


Baal was tall for a human, broad-shouldered and powerful. He was very charismatic and commanding. During the Great War he typically wore a shirt of black scales into battle and wielded Godsbane, a bastard sword made of Adam-forged steel. His crown was a simple circlet of the same steel, set with big square-cut rubies.

Baal was seen as an enigma. He was a solitary person whose only friend was Illumi Grymer. The king was a great warrior who only rode his valor, Ekalir, for battle or travel and never entered tourneys -- which he often won despite his advanced age -- for leisure. While he was sometimes harsh with those who defied him, he was generous to those that served The Union with their hearts.

Baal is not considered to have been particularly pious. According to sources, he followed the Faith of the Five only for political reasons.


Baal was born in Summerwind to Lord Ignis Adnan and Lady Ignis Vanysa. He had an older sister, Vinn, and a younger sister, Janys. Baal had claimed the Valor Ekalir for his own long before he was ready to ride it.

When Draco Orcos, first chief of the Orcs, and Samedi Neron of the Mer asked the old Lord Adnan for his aid in their struggle against the Alfen and insurgents respectively, Adnan, Lord of the Summermen, sent his teenage son Baal atop of Ekalir, accompanied by a troop of a half dozen Gaians, to intercept the northern insurgents and meet peacefully with the Alfish lords on behalf of the Orcish.


Baal flew to Viridi, where he executed the Merfolk rebels seeking Neron's throne before heading south to decimate an Alfish regiment before it could attack the Orcish ranks, creating an advantage for Orcus' men that aided in the emancipation of the race in the subsequent battles. Baal returned to Summerwind after seven days.

As the third Warring Age came to an end, Baeleth's interest in Edenfell grew. He had previously visited the young Baal and he might also have visited Grymer in Alfenheim. He had a huge wooden table made in the house of the now much older Ignis Baal, Lord of the Summermen, cut in the shape of Edenfell with a map of the three kingdoms painted upon the surface. No borders were painted upon the Painted Table, however, as Baeleth believed it should be one realm instead of three.

The Dark Age began during this period as the Brood sought to stake their claim in Edenfell as well. Ignis Baal departed the Castle on the Rock, marching his men southwest into the lushlands of Alfenheim to join forces with Illumi Grymer, the new Alfish king, who would help the Summerman fight back the forces of the blood-drinkers constantly advancing on the southern kingdoms. Eridi Skully, Sangui Myna, Draco Codar, and Oculus Tallon all declared for Baal and formed a politically secure alliance that led their houses against the forces of the Umbra with no help from Baeleth and his nominal faith militant.


When Umbra Nahitred II refused to yield, Baal's forces were joined by the Northern might of Vanaheim's Military and their Viridian allies. The union attacked Nahitred's strongholds with new strategies, more manpower, a potent combination of northern and southern magic and Infernys, Grymer's dragon. The House Umbra was temporarily extinguished in the flames.

The next day, after fifty years and a hundred thousand named deaths, amid the ashes and remnants of the fallen, Baal was crowned with an Adam's Iron circlet and named as Lord Paramount of The New Union, King of the Anthros, Lord of the Three Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm (later re-christened The Imperial King) by Grymer in agreement with all the lords and leaders of the realm.


After the war, the Imperial city of Ironhold was established, to protect the peace, employing powerful mages across the continent in its Imperial Order (Baeleth's doing) to serve as its watchdog. Baal, now in his seventies, was officially made monarch of the Imperial Throne and crowned again in the Great Temple.


His reign lasted for forty years of peace.

Before his death, Baal, his Hand and the rest of his Closed Councillor consisting of two subsequent Imperial Kings (Ferro Skaarsgaard and Illumi Grymer), established a system, in keeping with traditions around Edenfell, in which the king who sits on the Imperial Throne is to be chosen from among the Three Kingdoms and the shining city of Viridi, by a ritual combat in which challengers, one from each race, handpicked by the leaders/lords of the tribes as the best of their kinsmen, battle the present monarch in an attempt to take their place on the Throne. The challenge is seldom to the death.


Ignis Baal was the Imperial King of the Three Kingdoms and the Realm of Men and as such a massive pool of resources, which to commonfolk might seem infinite, was available to him. Aside from his position's financial benefits, Baal was a landed Knight with a birthright as a born noble lord with substantial wealth and influence therefrom.

Equipment and Weaponry

Godsbane, the Sword of Kings: Now only a ceremonial blade that mostly holds symbolic meaning and is never used, Godsbane was once the most revered blade in all of Edenfell when its hilt found itself warm in the firm and uncompromising grip of Ignis Baal.