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The North has an Arctic climate (there are certain types of trees that grow in each climate), the south has a Temperate climate but the Southern Forest is tropical, and the eastern desert/arid climate.


Common: They're everywhere. Sold at normal establishments as well.

Rare: Little hard to find, but a kid could do it. In stores too, but more costly.

Super rare: Hard to find, would take a long time searching unless you knew what you were doing. In normal stores in very small amounts, very costly.

Ultra rare: You'd need an expert, a lot of time, luck or some combination to find these. Not in normal stores, but black market types and the lot have these or they could be up for auction.

Legendary: Mythical. Rumors. So rare their very existence is often unconfirmed, and if you ever obtained one, you'd be one lucky and/or rich son of a Gaian.


Harmless Plants
Magical Plants
Dangerous Plants
Poisonous Plants

Plant Table

Image Name Rarity Category
Blue Bottoms Common Harmless
Crystallized Flowers Common-Ultra Rare Harmless
Jellyfish Tree Common Harmless
Low-Laying Tree Common Harmless
Luminous Trees Common Harmless
Votum Lilies Common Harmless
Hiradym Common Magical
Sacred Flames Common Magical
Papilionem Flowers Common Drugs
Montem Ignivomum Common (in Land of Fire) Dangerous
Campanis Tree Rare Harmless
Esuriit Berries Rare Harmless, Magical
Aureum Rare Magical
Elemental Flowers Rare Magical
Spinae Rare Dangerous
Viscosi Pads Rare Poisonous
Golden Apple Trees Super Rare Harmless
Celer Super Rare Magical
“Mimicking Marthas” Super Rare Magical
The Sensiecho Super Rare Magical
Somnum's Hypnosis Super Rare Magical
Boletus Mushrooms A.K.A "Double Trouble" Super Rare Drugs
Rubrum Hedera Super Rare Dangerous & Poisonous
Lirania Super Rare Poisonous
Rumpiturs Super Rare Poisonous
Cantus Mushrooms Ultra Rare Harmless
Manibus Plant Ultra Rare Magical
Butio's Circles Ultra Rare Dangerous
Lacerta Cacti Ultra Rare Dangerous
Tenues Noscere Nexus Ultra Rare Dangerous
Uacuatur (A.K.A Plant of Eternal Life) Ultra Rare Dangerous
Venemum Swallowers Ultra Rare Poisonous
Cockacious Cocktus Legendary Magical



[back] An Aureum flower is one grown around the base of some major bodies of water in Viridi, and is a flower notorious for it's healing properties. It's petals work as lovely makeshift bandages, and will automatically wrap around any area that is bleeding. They heal slowly, but are a great temporary mean to keeping wounds safe from infection, especially underwater.

Blue Bottoms

[back] Blue Bottoms are a harmless plant found all over Edenfell, commonly used for their special trait of having many different flavours of taste despite their appearance. They can either be spicy, minty, fruity, etc., it all seems to be randomized, and all Blue Bottoms are identical in shape, so there's no telling on what kind they could truly be.

Boletus Mushrooms A.K.A "Double Trouble"

[back] Boletus Mushrooms are tall mushrooms with two stalks and seeds on the tops. They're a fairly hard find around the edges of the Marina Falls, and are used as a quick kick whenever you're having fun and swimming about. They get their name "Double Trouble" due to the fact that whenever one of their seeds (on the top of the mushroom) is consumed, you'll see double for about a turn and a half. Your senses will be heightened (except height, obviously) for that period of time as well, and everything will be slightly tinted red in colour. It's a trippy experience.

Butio's Circles

[back] Rumored to be planted all over the lands as a means of nature's bombs, Butio's Circles are thick plants that hold a ball of blue in their middles. This inherent blue ball contains a thick amount of sticky substance, and although not inherently dangerous is nearly impossible to get off of you once stuck to you. The plants feed off of their prey stuck in this material for nutrients. The ball only explodes when provoked or touched in any way, and you have half a turn of reaction time before the ball explodes in a 2 meter radius around where it stands.

Campanis Tree

[back] Campanis Trees are tall, weeping willow trees with large leaves that make soft noises when gaining enough of a breeze. They almost sound like wind chimes, and will occasionally even be pushed right enough to make up little melodies. They're extremely relaxing and can provide you enough shade in Summerwind's climate.

Cantus Mushrooms

[back] Cantus Mushrooms are non-sentient mushrooms growing around The Southern Forest, typically found in patches of 5-10. They're mostly buried underground, but have tiny little faces on their stems. They give off little harmonized melodies when encountered, and tiny shrills once plucked up from the ground. Unfortunately, these buddies are not alive. They do make tasty snacks though. Some people say the best singers consume Cantus Mushrooms in order to sound better.


[back] Celer's are star shaped flowers found typically near bodies of water around Edenfell, such as small ponds, streams, or even in big oceans. They stand tall with a yellow glow, and when entirely consumed will boost your physical speed stat by 50 for one turn! If you eat multiple at once, they do not stack, and must be eaten one at a time. They give your tummy a funny butterfly feeling.

Cockacious Cocktus

[back] It lays hidden, limp, waiting to be discovered and activated. If one ever finds and plays with this marvel of nature, they will experience pain and pleasure like no other in Edenfell. When impregnated by a seed of one, the baby will be a mixed breed Lacerta Cacti, the only mixed creature that can exist in this land.

Crystallized Flowers

[back] Crystallized Flowers are similar to their name, as they're cave grown flowers from on top of Viridi's underwater caves. These flowers house crystals in the grasp of their roots, and the crystals can either be exchanged for minimal money to all the money you could ever imagine in the world. They're very common to find around, however, it just depends on the crystal you'll find. Hopefully lady luck blesses you when passing by Siren's Lagoon.

Elemental Flowers

[back] Elemental Flowers, hence their name, are flowers with elemental magic surrounding them. They can be found all over Edenfell, but each kingdom usually has a bigger quantity of a specific type of elemental flower. There are Ice, Fire, and Electric flowers. Ice flowers are more common in Vanaheim, Fire flowers are more common in Summerwind, and Alfenheim has a wider variety. Depending on it's type, the flower will radiate that specific elemental energy. Fire flowers have a slight burn to them, burning the grass or terrain around them but it is immune to fire. Ice freezes the area around it, but is immune to ice, etc. etc. When stronger in form, they will give off stronger elemental reactions to utilize.

Esuriit Berries

[back] Esuriit Berries only bloom in the warm enough months of Vanaheim, and decently common to find in areas that allow it to be warm enough. These plants produce purple coloured berries and will replenish your hunger almost instantly when consumed. Very useful to have in any situation, but only bloom for very short periods of time. When they're available to you, stock up on them before they mold.

Golden Apple Trees

[back] Golden Apple Trees are exactly what they sound like. Not too different from regular apple trees (that can also be found around Alfenheim), these trees merely sprout golden fruit that glow brightly. Due to their light, they usually attract insects before Alfenheim people can get to them, so it's not uncommon to find an orchard of strictly Golden Apple Trees to be taken care of. They're extremely tall but gorgeous to view.


[back] This flower is used in many-a healing ointments and tonics. When a balm is created by a magic sensitive individual, it’s inert healing properties arise to their full extent.

Jellyfish Tree

[back] Jellyfish Trees are extremely large trees found in forests near Alfenheim, and even around it's city in places where vegetation permits it to be. The trees got their name from the jellyfish like lights that hang from it's leaves, giving down multicoloured lights on those beneath them. They can be pink, purple, green, or blue!

Lacerta Cacti

[back] Throughout the eastern desert, it's not uncommon to find harmless cacti growing. However, it's your best bet to be careful with the cacti you do find, just in case. Every so often, in a rare little patch, there's a deep, creaking plant beast hidden into the floor. When provoked (stepped on, crushed, poked, etc.), the desert floor will begin to tremble and a long reptilian-like plant beast will crawl out slowly from it's position in the floor. The cacti creature has no eyes and is completely blind, but is covered in cacti needles that are constantly willing to prick you. Lacerta cacti are 2 meters in height and 5 meters long, from nose to tail.


[back] Lirania is a rare plant that turns deadly in the light. This plant is harmless until it is hit by the suns rays. As a nocturnal flower, it has adapted to the moonlight. As such, when it is touched by the light of the sun, it has a negative affect, causing the flower to hold poisonous properties.

Low-Laying Tree

[back] Low-Laying Trees are different from regular trees, only for the fact that they lay extremely low to the ground and still end up being extremely sturdy. It's not uncommon to see people living in the Dragonswood using these trees to build support houses slightly extended off of the air. They can vary in types of wood, but all have the general same shape in appearance.

Luminous Trees

[back] Grown in many different ways depending on the area, Luminous Trees are trees of Vanaheim that produce light from their leaves and bases of their trunks. They glow softly, giving you enough light to see your surroundings, but once you're a good meter or two away your sight might be darkened again. They're very useful for travelers who got lost on their way.

Manibus Plant

[back] The Manibus Plant, although kind of scary looking at first, is a plant covered with hand-like appendages. Instead of being offensive, they're actually a very useful and "kind" plant, per. say. When lost, they'll point in the direction you need to go. All you need to do is ask politely, and they'll point you into the right direction. If you're rude when asking, they'll purposefully point in the wrong direction. If manipulated, however, through magical means, the Manibus Plant could be rather scary to see.

“Mimicking Marthas”

[back] “Mimicking Marthas” are scarcely found throughout a few locations of Edenfell, scattered around in hidden bushes. They’re a bushel of little flowers, with open petals at the tops of their stems. Whenever in a two meter radius of the flowers, you’ll begin to hear sounds of people calling out to you. These plants aren’t dangerous, merely tricksters, calling out your name over and over again until you’re drawn to them. They’re pretty tasty when consumed, a little spicy. Completely harmless.

Montem Ignivomum

[back] Montem Ignivomum are one of the only plants to survive in the hot, volcanic area that the Land of Fire is. They can grow to be up to 2.5 meters in height, and are composed of stuck-together cooled lava at their peak. When broken off, they're entirely full of lava on the inside, and are scalding to the touch. Be careful, because if you get too close, their sticky exterior might just stick on you and you'll have two problems to worry about. Your burning flesh, and that the plant is slowly pulling you closer..

Papilionem Flowers

[back] Thick, tree-like flowers sprouting all over Edenfell, Papilionem Flowers are extremely bright in colour and stocky in size. They are various shades of any colour your heart may desire, and have a very sweet smell to them. They're notorious for attracting insects to the nectar in their centers, but their nectar also has various effects on the people of Edenfell as well. They give a tripped out like effect that lasts for about thirty minutes, making your balance a little off and things seem brighter than they appear.

Rubrum Hedera

[back] Rubrum Hedera is a wide plant with long 'tentacle' like attributes that can grow to be a meter and a half in height. They have small spiked ridges around them, and are mainly harmless unless you happen to touch their spikes. The inside of the plant growth, however, has neat red-magenta plants growing inside. Those plants, when touched to bare skin, will give an itchy rash for around 2-3 days, similar to poison ivy. When consumed, they are however poisonous, and can be fatal when eaten too much.


[back] Rumpiturs are broken, awkward tree-like plants that grow to about 2-3 meters in size, branches awkwardly stretching out to odd sizes. They sprout bright glowing flowers in their leaves in warmer months (completely harmless in colder seasons) that emit poisonous liquids from them. When directly entering your body in any sort of fashion, these liquids will attack your body's system. They aren't inherently dangerous and can be cured if treated immediately, and leave a burning sensation on the skin. When overdone and ingested in large amounts, the effects can end up being fatal. These liquids often shoot out of the flowers like a fountain, so it's advised you keep your distance from these guys.

Sacred Flames

[back] Sacred Flames is a plant almost exclusively found in Alfen Rest, spotted around graves and just the forest area in general. They give off small amounts in heat from their center point, making you feel all warm on the inside when you're giving your respects to those who have fallen in Alfenheim. Due to their size, their warmth is gentle, but the larger they grow the stronger this heat gets.

The Sensiecho

[back] These flowers are partially named after Magic Sensitives, for if a Mage gets close to them, the magical property of the flower triggers.

Somnum's Hypnosis

[back] Somnum's Hypnosis are large flowers with big, broad leaves. The inside of the flower itself emits a gentle blue glow, and it's extremely pretty to look at, especially at night. Unfortunately, that is the plant's trick, and will keep you captivated the longer you look at it. The plant does no harm except for making you lose track of time completely, and by the time you're pulled away you can find yourself questioning how long you've been standing there staring at it. If you spend more than one turn looking at Somnum's Hypnosis, you will be hypnotized for 2 turns unless snapped out of it by someone else.


[back] Spinae are thorn-like plant vegetation, usually found wrapped around trees or even around bases of trees. They have small, barely noticable thorns on them, but are extremely jagged and broken off in size. They're typically about 1 meter-2 meters in length, breaking off into uneven sections. Venturing into a Spinae would be pretty darn dangerous, and you could get yourself impaled if you aren't close enough. It's not uncommon to find animal bones stuck in Spinae plants due to getting stuck.

Tenues Noscere Nexus

[back] Tenues Noscere Nexus is a plant in the depths of the Siren's Lagoon, down near the bottom of the water. It's a carnivorous aquatic plant that feasts on fish passing by, reaching out with it's long appendages and pulling it's prey down to essentially feed off of. It emits a soft, yellow glowing light that can barely be seen when you're close enough. If you happen to be unlucky enough to encounter one of these bad boys, it'll drag you down towards itself until you either free yourself or drown. If you're a mer, these guys are simply a nuisance. If you're not a mer? You better pray.

Uacuatur (A.K.A Plant of Eternal Life)

[back] As one of the plants that can survive the Direwolf Mountain's harsh climate, Uacuatur are very very rare plants found around that area. What started as a cruel joke became a slight rumor to those forced out into these mountains, and that was that the sacs hanging from these plants could grant you eternal life if you bit into one. These plants give off an extremely good sap-like smell, but as soon as you touch the sac in any fashion, it will explode and cover you in extremely sticky sap. The explosion is enough to knock anyone back, and if your footing isn't careful enough on the sides of these mountains...

Venemum Swallowers

[back] Venemum Swallowers are a large carnivorous plant that give off poisonous gasses in order to trap their prey. When still and unprovoked, they remain closed, and look like a tall, ordinary plant. However, when they sense something close enough to eat, their side parts slowly roll off of the center part of it's body, and emits a blue, visible poisonous gas. Once it's got enough in it's prey's system, it grapples them by those same parts and opens up it's center, drops it in, and feeds on it for nutrients. If actively breathing in these gasses for more than two turns and a half, you will be paralyzed. If grappled inside, you have a two turn opportunity to escape. If not grappled and still breathing in the poisonous gas after being paralyzed, it'll take you another two turns to die.

Viscosi Pads

[back] Found on the surrounding banks of the Jade River are the Viscosi Pads, which are half meter sized plants that have huge leaves and open to their shiny blue stick insides. These blue attributes to the plant have suction cup like properties, and use it to stick onto their prey. They are carnivorous plants, and can sense through vibrations in the ground whenever someone gets too close. These "suction cups" will whack out and stick onto their prey, slowly pumping poisons into their veins until they're dead. One turn of being attached to the poisonous "suction cups" will leave you with fatigue. Two with even more fatigue, three with paralysis, and four will shut down your body's systems and you will die.

Votum Lilies

[back] Votum Lilies grow on lilypads that can be found over bodies of water in Summerwind. It's said that if one consumes the petals on top of the lilypad and think really hard of a wish, it'll come true. Unfortunately, this doesn't happen, but nobody has to break that news to the young children living in Summerwind. They're a little tangy when you put them in your mouth, though.