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Ferro Wolfsword, Jack of All Trades is a Nord of Ferro.


Ferro Wolfsword is a dedicated artisan who values old-fashioned values like hard work, patience and determination. He is willing to go the extra mile to satisfy his patrons and believes good service breeds loyal customers. Wolfsword is an upstanding citizen with a strong moral compass and would never make intentional effort to undermine the laws of the land. He loves his spouse dearly and she is his only weakness.


Born low and with nothing to his name, Wolfsword grew up on the terrible streets of Thieves' end and was orphaned at a very young age when a fever took both his parents. The determined boy taught himself every skill he could and dabble in whatever he could get his hands on. Whatever he learned, he mastered and soon Wolfsword was doing business for himself. Slowly, he established himself in the competitive Northern Market and is now the wealthiest known artisan in all the land. His effort comes from a deep-rooted fear of returning to penury and strong conviction that as long as he does what he does well and does it better than everyone else, he will continue prosper.


Wolfsword Boots n Armor! - the most esteemed and reliable maker of fashion in Edenfell; boots, furcoats and dressings, armor and swords: the jack-of-all-trades has them all and at very high quality too.

Equipment and Weaponry



Dexterity, craftsmanship, salesmanship etc.