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Ferro Griffin Lukvich is a Nord of Ferro.


A strong and prideful man with a good heart. Although he may seem a bit stoic and cruel, he is truly a kind soul whose loyalty knows no bounds and will do anything for those he considers dear to him. His cruel and cold demeanour are nothing but a facade to hide the overzealous and joyful man inside. Although he maybe be friendly, he's a wise man and has aged well for a Nord.


As a child he was rambunctious loud and a complete failure as a warrior. He was of the weakest of his tribe and could barely cast spell at the age of 16. This all changed when on a fateful day, his entire world came crashing down. His parents had been killed by a dark mage who they had come across in the woods. This left him traumatised and changed him forever turning into the cold and stoic giant he is now.


Nothing too notable except a wolf companion with all white fur.

Equipment and Weaponry

Gretta and Bertha

His axes he had forged from some of the finest material in the land. Used for attacks in quick succession.


His pride and joy, he watched as it was forged himself. If he were to ever consider himself in a bad spot, this would probably be the thing to get him out of it. Besides his life and dearest friends he values this axe over everything.


  • Dual Wielding
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat
  • Strategy
  • Making Friends