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Ferro Godwin, Master of Nautical Craft is a Nord of Ferro.


Ferro Godwin is shrewd and adept at his business. He is very knowledgeable, not just in his craft in which he is considered a master but in general affairs and matters of history due to his advanced age. He is a skilled bargainer albeit waning as he gets older and his keen mind and interest in profit often are glaring.


Godwin was sent to learn from a master shipmaker, as is the case for most commoner boys in Vanaheim. He was particularly skilled in the design of vessels and saw the great potential he had if he began making his own ships. Completing his apprenticeship, he hired a few experienced hands and moved out to the Fishing Village, a perfect location for his trade, where he opened up his keep and has since become the most well-know, most esteemed shipmaker and design expert in Edenfell.


His keep in the Fishing Village along with a few hundred employees and perhaps hidden coffers somewhere.

Equipment and Weaponry



Outrageously skilled in shipmaking, design and trade. He is also a wonderful bookkeeper with a sharp mind for his age and keen intellect that makes him a great interlocutor as well.