Ferro Asger Felman II, King of Vanaheim, Asger the Unbroken, the White Bear, Warden of the North is a Nord of Ferro.


The cheerful bearded king of Vanaheim known as Asger has always been a joyful old spirit. Not very fond of the term “old” the man still likes to think himself ten years younger. The man is considered the life of Vanaheim, with boasting laughter, and merry smiles. Asger makes those around him feel comfortable in his presence. Besides his loud obnoxious cheerful behavior, Asger is also a stern and hard working leader ill afraid of any odds or problems.


The cold barbaric brutes of Vanaheim have always ruled over the north. Although most were war addicts whom loved the sight of blood. One man by the name of Ferro Asger is the man whom protects the people of Vanaheim with his large fiery will. A man of almost unknown origins, he is fabled to be a child dropped by the angels into the mountains of the yetis where he grew into a strong Nordic warrior.

Arriving to Vanaheim with his ashen hair, the man slaughtered the barbaric king preventing Vanaheim from going into a one-sided war with Ironhold, following the long-term aggression and tensions since the death of the late Nord high king.


Asger as king of Vanaheim has control over all the snowy land, but other than that he himself a bear companion named Odin.

Equipment and Weaponry


Named after the spirit of winter. The axe wielded by the jarl is blessed with the enchantment of ice. Able to freeze anything it pierces. It is able to freeze an arm if jammed into one’s shoulder and can freeze it solid in 3 turns.


The shield that protects Asger in battle is rather simple. Made of the finest material in the land, and is able to retract into his gauntlet when not in use, and can be opened by the push of a button.


- Hand-to-hand Combat

- Weapon Combat

- Strategising

- Diplomacy

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