Manual of Style is a style guide for all of Edenfell Wiki's articles. It outlines this site's editing standards and is used to assist editors in producing and maintaining articles and making edits with clear, consistent, and precise language, layout, and formatting.

Remember that when you edit on this site, you are agreeing to abide by our policies and Manual of Style. Any violations will result in a warning or a block.

Please contact an administrator if you have any questions.


Read these rules. If there is anything even remotely confusing please ask an administrator.

I highly suggest becoming more comfortable with Wikia before attempting to complete pages. If you're starting out, I will be critiquing.

If you need a space to fiddle around please go here: Community Test Wikia


We use the metric system over imperial and prefer British English over American.

Pictures and Videos

Main article: Edenfell Wiki:Policies#Image Policy

For specific, detailed guidelines regarding the upload and use of images and videos for this wiki, please view the Image Policy. Note that this site does not accept images in .jpg format; such images will be promptly deleted, without question. Always upload images of high quality, i.e. in .png format. Existing .jpg images on this wiki will eventually be replaced with their .png alternatives.

User and Member Pages

You are free to edit your user page as much as you want so long as it does not break any of our policies go against the policies of either Wikia or Discord. Similarly, your member page is yours, however, please keep in mind member pages are linked to from character pages, so keeping an updated list of Characters is the only requirement.


Character Pages

  • Infobox
  • Backstory
  • Ability

Tribe Pages

Please let the Admins handle these, or let the Admins know so they can make the required personalized infoboxes for each tribe.

Location Pages

These should have larger images and be artfully organized.

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