Vanaheim is the seat of the ruler of the north. It is a very large kingdom located as far up north as any man can go without freezing to death. It is the regional capital of the north under which the Mer's city of Viridi and the settlements of the Yeti Mountains fall.

Its royal keep, Bold Castle, is hailed as an impregnable stronghold and is the reason for the kingdom's flag being a Nordic shield pattern. It is situated atop a warm lake which keeps the castle warm even in the worst winters. The castle has stood for millennia.

Flag of Vanaheim

Vanaheim is a bustling kingdom and it therefore, attracts people from all around the continent from merchants and smiths to farmers and fishermen. Its population is incredibly mixed but there is a slightly larger number of Nordic residents.

Vanaheim's ruler, the Warden of the north, is chosen from among the Nords and the Mer.

Half a million Edeners live within and around the walls of Vanaheim.

Vanaheim Locations

  1. Land of Snow
  2. Direwolf Mountains
  3. The Northern Wall
  4. Vanaheim Suburbs
  5. The Northern Market
  6. Town's Square and Hall
  7. Bold Castle
  8. Fishing Village
  9. Winter Harbor
  10. Temple of Krig
  11. Martial Keep
  12. The Southern Wall
  13. Yeti Mountains
  14. The Northern Coven

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