Summerwind is one of the Three Kingdoms. It is the easternmost part of the continent of Edenfell, located thousands of miles from Vanaheim and Alfenheim, and has a harsh desert climate; it never snows that far east.

Summerwind was founded by the Gaians who were later joined by the Orcs and despite the era of peace that was ushered in by the alliance and the now mixed populations of the three kingdoms, Summerwind remains predominantly occupied by Orcs and Reds due to its climate.

Flag of Summerwind

Summerwind is ruled from the Castle on the Rock by whomever wins and continues to defend their position as Warden of the East each year, as per Edenfell's laws. The monarch of Summerwind is chosen from among the Gaians and the Orcs.

People of Summerwind are properly known as the "Summermen".

Summerwind has one of the land's most active harbors and the greatest blacksmiths can all be found here. It has a population of 300,000.


  1. Dwarf Mountains
  2. Jade River
  3. The Eastern Desert
  4. The Eastern Coven
  5. The Wall - North
  6. Fort Kane
  7. Castle Town
  8. Castle on the Rock
  9. The Dungeons
  10. Merchant Harbor
  11. The Summer Market
  12. Summerwind Suburbs
  13. Summerwind Center
  14. Central Temple
  15. Smallholding
  16. Duskhill Graveyard
  17. Bahamut's Mess Hall
  18. The Wall - South
  19. Land of Fire

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