Flag of Alfenheim


Alfenheim is the seat of the Warden of the South. Located in the southwest of Edenfell, Alfenheim borders the dragonswood; Grundewald and the Western Sea. Heavy trade and traffic across a large swath of southern Edenfell ultimately passes through Alfenheim owing to its climate, ideal for growing fruits and certain wildlife.

Alfenheim is famous for it's vineyards and it is said that the best wine in Edenfell is Alfish - as people and things from Alfenheim are called.

The large forests and green fields that surround the kingdom serves as the inspiration for its flag that bears a regal wild eagle, native to the southern woodlands.

Alfenheim's populace is more mixed than that of Summerwind's but less so than Vanaheim's. Summerwind and Alfenheim are the only significant locations on the continent that are not separated by any of the 4 great water bodies.

The Warden of the South, as per Edenfell's laws, can only be from among either the Alfen or the Centaurs.

There are 400, 000 Edeners in Alfenheim.


  1. Alfenheim Port
  2. Alfenheim Barracks
  3. The Great Gardens
  4. Alfenheim Suburbs
  5. Royal Palace
  6. The Town's Square
  7. Dragon's Pit
  8. Set's Shrine
  9. Merchant's Meet
  10. Merchant's Meet End
  11. The Border
  12. The Curator's Keep
  13. Gründewald Dragonswood
  14. Gaya's Fountain
  15. The Southern Coven
  16. Alfen Rest
  17. The Southern Forest

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