Bold Castle is the ten thousand year old stronghold of Vanaheim and is considered to be the 'capital' of the north. Bold Castle is a large royal palace extending across many acres of territory, defended by two layers of strong stone granite walls. The outer walls are 80 feet tall and the inner are 100 feet tall, with a wide moat located between them.


The inner walls are crenellated with more than thirty watch towers built into them. The outer walls have guard turrets built into them. The main gatehouse, consisting of two large crenellated bulwarks, and drawbridge opens onto the Market and Town Hall of the town outside, but the gate on the opposite side of the Castle opens directly onto open fields and is favoured by jousting and training parties. All of the windows in Bold Castle are diamond-shaped panes of glass.

The Jarl/Warden of the South's Throne Room can be found within the Castle. The Rookery is where the messenger rooks of the castle are kept, permitting reasonably efficient communications with other castles.


Bold Castle is built above a warm lake which keeps it reasonably well-heated even in winter. Pipes move the hot water around the castle, and the Guest House, usually reserved for visiting dignitaries from the south (everywhere else is south to the northerners), is fed by hot springs to keep it warm.

Bold Castle has a well-appointed library containing many volumes of important written work, as well as what is believed to the be one of two surviving copies of Nordic Methods of War. The library has its own tower with steps corkscrewing down its exterior. The king's counsellors and wards typically spend much of their time in the library, rookery or attending the lord.

The Castle is protected by the northern arm of the Kingsguard.


The Castle also possesses a brewhouse and a round kitchen building.

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