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Aquilla Ula, the Water Priestess is a Mer of Aquilla.


Very religious. She extends a branch to anyone who may need her help, being satisfied from a job well done, even if she must sacrifice something in order to achieve it.

She is so utterly devoted to Titane, that even the faintest attempt to curse her name, or bring violence to her temple will be met with a cold heart and unforgiving Priestess. If people refuse to leave, she'll force them to.


Born to a holy family, Ula was taught to worship Titane from the moment she could walk. Each day, she meditated in hopes of enlightenment and complete control over the waters.

Now, her family have passed on and only she is left, doing her best to keep the temple clean and peaceful. Ula's water control is now fine enough that her duties don't take more than a few hours a day. The Monarchy always recognises her actions, and pay small donations to help keep the temple as pristine as possible, and to help the Priestess support herself.

It's not an easy task alone, but she knows she'll be rewarded in the afterlife.


The Temple of Titane, donations from the Queen.

Equipment and Weaponry

Her priestess staff.


Meditation, cleaning.