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Aquilla Niminae, The Gentle Queen is a Mer of Aquilla.They are Wizard rank.


Impossibly kind. It's said that she was blessed by Titane at birth, and known to be one of the most virtuous women to ever exist in the history of Edenfell. It's difficult to not be swayed by Nimiane's nature or her words.


Born as the heiress to the throne, Nimiane was born with a scarily powerful control over her magic. At the age of 5, she had tamed an intrepid as if it was as easy as breathing, earning many scared, but impressed reactions.

"If she could tame such a beast now, what could she achieve in adulthood?" the Court whispered among themselves.

And so, her childhood was one of nothing but strict lessons and regal studies, but Nimiane accepted it with a smile nevertheless - even when void of affection throughout her childhood, it was as if the girl drew love and compassion from the many small creatures she had tamed.

Crowned as Queen, she was quick to be adored by the masses. She was Queen of the Mer, and Empress of speeches; persuasion was her forte, and kindness her virtue. With this, it was difficult to not fall in love with the Gentle Queen.

Eventually, she wedded Neron and gave birth to little Naida years later. She nurtured her daughter, showering her with the affection she was starved from in her early days. It was a beautiful thing to see a woman not only in love with her family but also the world.

These were the words inscribed on her tombstone.


Viridi and her subjects' affection is all she needs.

Equipment and Weaponry

The multitude of sea creatures Nimiane tamed throughout her lifetime.


Exceptional persuasive skills.

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