Aquilla Mesi, the Queen's Blade, also known as The Executioner is a Mer of Aquilla.They are Acolyte rank.


Cold. Towering above the masses, she carries out her duties professionally and as quickly as possible.


Having lived in the Lagoon slums for most of her life, Mesi was forced to learn to fend for herself, her poorly mother and three younger brothers. Apathetic and burly, she would fight over everything and anything to protect them.

Her brash nature soon caught the eye of Queen Naida, who wanted a vicious executioner, one who hadn't been exposed to the greed of Merkind. She wasn't paid very much, but it was enough to keep her brothers fed - her mother had sadly passed away.

Hiding the pain of the loss behind a neutral mask, Mesi adopts the facade of the cruel, calculating executioner if it means she gets paid for it.


A home in Siren's Lagoon, money from her executioner duties.

Equipment and Weaponry

A jagged sword and weighted anchor used to wound and drown criminals.


Perfect poker face, unfazed by any type of violence.

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